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Ravings of the Hormonally Impaired

Ti Chan's Daily Journal

6 June 1986
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My name is Brittany, but I also go by Vinners, Vincent and Ti Chan, all which i would go by BEFORE Brittany.

I live in Va Beach and absolutely love it here. Anywhere I go, I will miss this place like that plague. I live with two of the greatest people evar and have a network of friends Napoleon would die for... Yano... if he was alive. XD

I work in the bowels of hell. It's a certain un-named grocery store whose mere entrance hides the gates of hell. Normal everyday people enter and feel the horrendous need to become giant assholes for no apparent reason. Only few escape that grasp, and the workers are some of those lucky ones. And worse yet is I work in the worst part of hell, a bread island, aka the Carb Cubicle, Unholy Kiosk and Alcatraz. Why? Cause it's an island in the middle of nowhere, and once you get sent there you never get out.

I draw. Alot. Not so much lately, due to college and work, but I try.
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