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May. 10th, 2007


Awww, poor, poor fat thing.

I love my hamsters. They really do amuse me for hours at a time. We were watching them in this new hammie tube set up. It was simply a round circle connected to a straight tube with a house on top of that. Easy right?

Well, both Peepi and Taz took to it well. They're the size that if you put them in, they have enough room to turn into a happy ball and curl and and be... happy... Sadly, this is NOT the case for Cartman. Cartman went from... pleasantly plump to JABBA THE HUTT! RAWR! He's friggin HUGE, people. Just fat and fat rolls and fluff. And of course, HAMMIE, our skinny boy, has gotten skinnier cause he spends his LIFE on the wheel. I SWEAR TO GOD, he eats, sleeps and shits on that thing. SO Cartman gets first pick of the food and a nice little life style in the Big and Tall section... of... hamster land?

ANYWAY, pay no attention to that joke...

SO, we put Cartman in the tube and realize he FILLS that thing to maximum capacity. He literally can not turn with out squishing his tiny face. And his ass wiggles. And to turn around in the circle, he merely BACKS UP instead of turning around, which causes in my sick head to add that BEEP BEEP BEEP sound of a truck...

My poor, poor fat thing....

I'm so horrible to cute things on the inside. XD

May. 9th, 2007


(no subject)

Yea, so I was looking at my horror game collection and was reminded of one game that severely upset me. SIREN. I'm not saying it was a BAD game, in fact I have heard it was QUITE the opposite at the end there... But that was the problem. AT THE END, because frankly, the beginning had a lot to be desired.

I had rented it cause I saw it everywhere, taunting me with it's packaging and what seemed to be a kick butt story. And then I slipped it in the PS2 and promptly... felt a little disappointed. Only to, twenty minutes later, want to either throw the controller in the screen or seizure due to pure anger.

I could not FIGURE what to do. The graphics were... lacking and the controls... Oh don't get me started. I could get an INKLING that there was good story there, but I could DO anything to get past step one. I literally, in exhaustion, decided to look up what to do.

Mind you I have no problem with walkthroughs... just not in the first ten minutes of a game. Needless to say, I didn't get very far in the game, which upset me.

I knew I could be passing up a DARN good game. But certain aspects of it stopped me from loving it like i should.

I got that again in Xenosaga. I LOVED the game, but the cutscenes were so long that the play felt kinda pointless and I couldn't watched it chunks it deserved due to my life.

This seems to happen over an over again. Anyone else have this problem. Want to play a game badly and pop it in to find something you simply can't get past in the game to get far in? Bad graphics. Bad voice acting. Something wrong with the controls or cutscenes...?

Edit: I had to repost this for a certain reason...


Well, doctor's appt went well. Let's just say the first LJ I EVAR made dealt with what the doctor appt was, and I was happy I got through with it. Yep, and everything is fine and hunky doory and I don't hate the world.

Also, I had to give blood, which was an annoying process. I have nothing against needles. I DO have something against needles that are SUPPOSED to have suction, and don't ALWAYS, so I am forced to sit there with a needle twice as long trying again and again to fill vials while someone pulls the needle in and out of my arm. Ow. I have NEVER had a needle site so tender.

Okay, and then RIGHT as I was getting out to go to the apartment... NICK CALLS! And I FLIP OPEN THE PHONE and... Yea, phone seizure. TT_TT Now no more Nick call, dammit. It isn't broken, it just blanked out and dropped the call... And he thought I was with the doctor, so he didn't RECALL! NOOOO!


Okay, now on to Renko. I think Renko and I talked things out, but I can't be SURE sure, cause I asked her to call me cause I had some errands to do. She never did it, and now I am paranoid. But I might be stupid.... Really stupid. BUT, I am also in freak mode cause of the fight. Whatever, I will wait till I hear something.

NICK comes back in two days. And then on Sunday, NIECE'S birthday party. EHEHEHEEE! It should be so fun, and this weekend should put me in a fabulous mood. And cause I have money, which the errand I had to see to when talking with Renko, I can sit back and not worry too too much this month. It puts me in happy land, yano?

ALSO, I have become addicted to "Gratitude" by Oingo Boingo, thanks to Rissa, and I have this NEED to hear it over and over again, which is due to annoy people. But when I have a song in my veins, I have to here it until it travels away and another takes it's place...

I bought a skirt. For like 5 dollars on sale and it's so freakin adorable. And I got knee high socks. Cause they're fun. And cute, with little hearts and adorableness on it. How is it I can feel girly when my father isn't here to see the proof. Mind you, I am not sure he wants this proof, since my favorite KIND of skirts are the hot topicy pleated skirts. I just have to HUNT around for ones that cover ass...

Okay, that is all I suppose. I miss everyone and am getting more and more excited about a certain duo's visit. YAY!!!!

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May. 8th, 2007


(no subject)

Why is it everytime I really really get into a good dream, the world places the DAMN LAWNMOWER MAN outside my window to wake me right when it gets good. XD Now I woke up right when I was in the middle of sleeping and my head feels like my face is about to melt off into a puddle of oozy sleepy stuff. XD

I'm still kinda getting over the sick. But it's not as bad as it could be. Ehehe. To say the least, I'm mostly coherent through what seems like 70 percent of the day. Which works to my advantage since life decided to get it's spiked boots out and kick me in the balls again. This time I am taking active part in the "What will be, will be" philosophy, which is the mental equivalent to having a nice cup on while life kicks away. Not to say it isn't jarring and annoying, but a lot of the mental and emotional strife is gone.

Cause what will be, WILL BE. If everything does not work out in the end, then no amount of cajoling, whining, crying and begging will make it right. Sometimes you have to sit back with your chips in and see what happens.

I'm not saying I'm giving up completely, I'm saying I'm not going to stress and complain the small shit that doesn't matter.

I have HAMMIES again, for those who haven't already found our. Ultra Peepi and Taz. We wanted a third since we were getting a bigger tank set-up, but it turns out Cartman is NOT a friendly little Jabba. A few moments after we set Taz in the cage, Cartman was chasing him down to try to hurt him. SO we put Taz alone in the second cage we were going to tube into the first... BUUUT, then he was ALONE, see? And that was no good, so we went and gave Taz his brother, and that helped mellow him out and give us a cute squishy hamster to boot.

And that's how it goes. So two more hamsters and a bucket load of drama. Not bad for a Tuesday. :3

May. 7th, 2007


And now for something completely emo!

LyricsCollapse )

I feel like shit. I feel horrible and hate everything and I wish I just FUCKED cleaning the house and went out with Robyn and Rissa and Christy and never got online.

That is all.

May. 6th, 2007


(no subject)

Renko called me this morning. I really WANTED to talk to her, but I had just refallen asleep and was still in the mood for more sleeping. XD I've got a cold. Not a horrible one, just one that makes me want to curl up and rest until I feel better. I also really REALLY want to eat something right, but I settle. HOT DOGS! I had three last night and was in gleeful gleeness. Rorek does not NOT NOOOOOT like hot dogs, nor does my sister. SO for the last few years, when I am in the MOOD for hot dogs, I can't HAVE no hot dogs. Last night, really in the mood and luckily I had bought some as a demand, so I gots them...


I miss Nick, but I also really miss Renko. Yesterday I had been all mopey about not hearing from Renko in a really long time, and that's why I wanted to kick myself in the boot for having to let Renko hang up... I REALLLLLY wanted to talk, I just... am not in the physical and mental place to talk, really. It'd be a babble fest on my side, one I probably wouldn't remember.

I hate that, though. That we freaking arranged the shit out of this phone call WEEEEEEKS in advance, and I get sick and ruin it. TT_TT

I really wanted to hear from Renko, too.

I guess I will try to call Renko myself later. RIGHT NOW! Food. Then work. Then more foood and sleep. :3

(no subject)

Amy said I shoudld take, but I was rather disappointed. While the questions DID remind me of high school, none of the answers were things I would do, so I had to decide almost every time to choose the one I was least bothered with instead on the one I actually agreed with. Enh.

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What is your animal spirit?

May. 3rd, 2007


(no subject)

I'm tired... Kinda of everything at this point. I have work today, but I am NOT looking forward to it. NOt at all. I am sure it's going to be horrible, and I don't have the strength to get through with it...

In two weeks, I have to go to my grandfather's, in texas... I am worried, really. He had a heart attack like less than a week ago. This is his THIRD OR FOURTH since the beginning of the year, and he's now been hooked up to O2 permanently since one of his last ones. So, this visit is, sadly, going to be a stark reminder of how bad he is doing. -sighs.-

Add that on top of my sister-in-law's car crash and surgery, and I am rather tired of life. Thank you for MY round of shit, do you think you can, maybe, give someone else THEIR round now?

THe only tiny thread of hope I've been CLINGING to is Nick's return and Ginny and Amy's visit. Both of those should help mellow me out some... Though how long i don't know.

I've started actually SAVING things. :2 Which makes me proud, though for how long I don't know. ... I want 50 dollars when Amy and Ginny come down so I can get the Va exclusive ticket from Busch Gardens. I want to help Amy drag Ginny there, just the three of us, and chill. I KNOW Ginny will love it, and she doesn't have to ride any coasters to enjoy it... Spoken from the QUEEN of "I'm not getting on THAT. You CRAZY?!"

XD I've been introduced to The Postal Service, which is a GREAT... er... solo album. I want to use one of the songs in a AMV for Silent Hill 4. -sighs.- If I can only remember where Amy and Ginny download their video game clips from, I can get a good video for both SH4 and Fatal Frame 2. I want to get BOTH done BEFORE Neko Con. If they're actually any good, I might submit them or something, but I doubt my talents in a lrage way right now. :3

I'm tired and I need to shower. Scrub down GOOD under some warm water... it'll help wash the stress out of my muscles and help me relax...

THen I am leaving a bit early and going to Salvation Army in the hope of replacing some pants I spilled on and maybe a skirt. YAY! Wish me luck.

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